I am God.

Hear me roar! Ha-ha

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1 January
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Hello. I am God. Yup! THE God. THE God? Yes! I get that all the time. Ha-ha. Anyway, I figured it was about time I share my word with you people again. Clear stuff up, you know.

First, let me tell you about mySelf:

1) I'm God and I wrote the Bible and stuff....but I've changed a lot since those times. I've gotten more mature.

2) Nowadays I'm pretty funny.
3) My name is goddlybecause of two reasons. One is that I'm much wonkier than I used to be. I am very odd! The second is that I am oddly shaped. Not like 100000fireflies' head....more like a pouf of gas. Pouf!

Here are some things I made up:

1. The sky
2. The air.
3. retrodee
4. The internet
5. Babies
6. Democrats
7. lauraneato
8. Absinthe
9. Kizzing
10. Love
11. Birds (except this one. I'll explain her in a bit.
12. Etc.

I have a friend who I have an ongoing friendly wager with! We see who can make up the weirder stuff! She is smellslikecher. So far I am winning in life but she is winning in livejournal. FOR NOW! Ha-ha!

Social capital

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